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Aqua Logic PS-16 Automatic Controls 16 relays, 8 valves, 2 heater


Aqua Logic PS-16 Automatic Controls 16 relays, 8 valves, 2 heater Details

»» Description: Aqua Logic PS-16 Automatic Controls 16 relays, 8 valves, 2 heater. The Aqua Logic Pool/Spa Automation system is the ultimate in reliable, cost effective automation for all pools and spas. The Aqua Logic product line has a control system for every pool owner. In addition, Goldline offers a wide variety of wireless and wired accessory devices that allow each system to be configured exactly to meet the homeowner`s requirements.Every Aqua Logic system includes a main control unit with a 100 amp subpanel and a built-in display/keypad for programming directly from the equipment pad. Pool service personnel do not need access to the keypads located inside the house. See your dealer to determine which Aqua Logic unit has the right combination of high voltage auxiliary relays, heater controls, and valve controls for your pool design. For the absolute best water quality available, add the electronic chlorine generator function (also known as a salt chlorinator) by simply adding the Chlorinator Option Kit. It automatically produces pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distributes it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. The Aqua Rite uses a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. For larger pools, additional Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators can be added and controlled by the Aqua Logic

»» Application: * Any pool or pool/spa combination system

»» Features: * Shared equipment for pool and spa * Dual equipment for pool and spa * Dual equipment with shared heater * Chlorinator Option sanitizes pools up to 40,000 gallons * Combine Aqua Logic with additional Aqua Rite units to sanitize larger pools * Truly user friendly and cost effective automation * Digital display of time, day, temperature of pool/spa and ambient air * Built-in 100A subpanel, standard * Built-in keypad in control unit for complete operation and programming at the pool equipment pad * Controls up to 16 relays, 8 valve actuators, and 2 heaters/heatpumps * Fully programmable, automatic control of every output * Programmable macros control multiple outputs with just one button * Easy to use buttons for manual control

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  • Model: AQL-PS-16
  • Manufactured by: Hayward

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